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Pole Barn

* Be advised there could be building codes & restrictions where you live that can effect your design.

Raising a pole barn makes life easier sometimes...​

Building a pole barn can take a great deal of work, but the reward is worth it.  They offer you a variety of uses that include (but aren't limited to): RV shelter, vehicle storage, farming equipment, livestock, horse corral and even a second living area. As for pole barn designs, there's the monitor, gambrel, hip and gable. Plus, they even come with porches, depending on the style you choose. 


The question most people ask is how much does a pole barn cost. That really depends on the type of pole barn you want and the features you want included. Since building a pole barn is really like building a custom shed, it's best to discuss all the plans you have for your new storage area. Get started today by contacting us at Sheds and Such.  Just call or email us today with your size requirements.


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