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* Be advised some building codes & restrictions might apply in your particular area as it relates to these types of custom sheds.

Don't give just a gift. Give your child memories to last a lifetime...

Why should you build a playhouse for the children in your life? Aside from the fact they'll never forget your generosity and they'll have hours of creative playtime, these custom sheds also practical. The reason is they can be transformed into extra storage space for you once the kids are grown. That way you'll have something for the children today and something for you later on.


A playhouse gives children the chance to explore their imaginations. It's a place they can call entirely their own and it's safer than other alternatives, like tree houses. If you've been looking for a contractor in or near southeastern Michigan who specializes in custom sheds, like playhouses, we can help. Simply contact Sheds and Such today to learn how one of these great playhouses can be yours.

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