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Basic Sheds


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Substance AND Style Matter...

You'll find three styles of basic sheds in the world. First is the gable shed. Constructed much like a home is constructed, these basic sheds feature a roof with a single sloping plane of the same pitch on each side, which form a point.


Second is the Gambrel shed, which are also called 'barn sheds' since they resemble a farmer's barn. These types of sheds have a steeper lower slope that provides more headroom, making it a favorite with taller homeowners.


Third is the tackroom shed, which is rectangular in shape with a steep front roof pitch and shallow rear roof pitch. Rather than opening at the front or rear, the entrance is located along the length of the shed or can even be just 3 walls and open. This style works well for people who are woodworkers, auto mechanics or even as shelter for your horse, cow or other farm animal.


Some basic sheds have single doors or double doors. Some hold equipment like a push mower while others can store a zero-turn lawn mower.


In short, no two 'basic sheds' are ever really basic. If you know you need extra space, but you're not sure what style or size is right for you, let us help.


Contact us at . Or, call us at 734-586-0255 to discuss the shed options that best fit your storage needs.

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