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Custom Sheds

Are you looking for a custom shed or building contractor in Southeast Michigan? Then you are in the right place!  Below is a list of our most popular requests.  But remember! Since custom sheds are 'custom' we can build practically anything. So if you've ever thought of a child's playhouse, a workshop, garden shed / greenhouse, backyard office or even a cool pad for your pooch then contact us at or 734.586.0255



A playhouse is more than just giving a child a place to play. You're giving them space to let their imagination run wild while making memories that will last a lifetime. These are more than just custom sheds – they’re a cabin on the old frontier, a royal castle or a cozy home for a tea party.  Best of all, a number of these playhouses can be converted into a storage shed when the kids outgrow them. If you’ve been searching for a local company who build children’s playhouses, look no further. Sheds and Such is ready to help you so email or call us today to make some lucky child’s dreams come true.



There are people who have activities they enjoy and then there are those of you who take your hobbies seriously. Maybe you're a jeweler, a woodworker, a metalsmith, an artist, a photographer... you name it. If you have a passion that exceeds the space of your home (or you just need privacy for greater focus), then a home workshop is a fantastic idea. You can have your seclusion and keep your materials safe. If you'd like to find contractors in southeastern Michigan experienced with building custom sheds, contact us today to learn more.

Garden Shed / Greenhouse


Do you have a green thumb or love reaping what you sow? Then a greenhouse or a garden shed is perfect for you. You'll find there are a number of different designs and styles to choose from. You might want something small that holds the basics in gardening equipment or you might require a large space for tillers or mowers. Whatever your need might be, we can help to fulfill it. If you want a Monroe County contractor who is ready to discuss your project contact Sheds and Such to learn more.

Backyard Office


More people than ever are working from home. For some of these people it means being trapped in the corner of a room with hundreds of distractions. Imagine if you could just get away... a few feet from your house. Many people today who don't want to add a new room on a home look to the backyard office. The outdoor office provides that breathability you might not find 'indoors'. Plus, since these are custom sheds, you can design them with anything you like... even a swing to unwind after a long day. If you'd like to learn more about a backyard office for your home, contact us today for information.

Dog House Designs & Pet Houses


Building a dog house seems simple enough, but it can be a time consuming and costly endeavor. Why go it alone? If you want the perfect dog house design, but you lack the time or the skill to complete it, you've got somewhere to turn. The same is true of other animals you might keep, like rabbits or chickens. If you need pet homes of any type contact us at Sheds and Such. Just ask about the custom sheds we offer for furry or feathered friends. It only takes a few moments to call or email us today for more info.

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