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Backyard Office

* Be advised some building codes & restrictions might apply in your particular area as it relates to this type of custom shed.

Get in touch with nature while you get things done…


It’s wonderful having a home office, but have you ever thought of a backyard office? Today, more people are considering an outdoor office, or office pod as it’s also called, for their home office needs. Sometimes you might not have the room for a home office inside your house. Likewise, you might lack the money to build an addition, yet you still require office space. Then again you might have the space and the money, but you're uncomfortable bringing clients directly into your main house. If any of these sound like you, that’s where a backyard office might be perfect. Plus, each space can be designed & customized to fit your particular office needs.


There’s something extraordinary about having a place, all your own, where you can work and enjoy the outdoors. Plus, with a backyard office, your daily commute is cut down to a few steps rather than several miles. Why rent office space, away from home, when you can own your office right outside your door? If you’re looking for a contractor to build your dream office, think outside the box and call Sheds & Such at 734-586-0255. You can also email us a few details of what you need in a  backyard office.

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