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Frequently Asked Questions


Will you check my yard before I place my order?

Absolutely.  We'll meet with you on-site to determine if your site is buildable. There we can discuss what will make it buildable and help you choose the best shed for your particular needs.  


What are the site requirements for building a shed?


The site needs to be reasonably level. We'll need approximately four feet of workspace around the perimeter of the shed to place materials.  However, if this isn't possible, we'll figure a way to make your site buildable when we meet with you on-site.


How will you get the shed into my backyard?


We deliver the materials and then finish the shed on-site. All we need is a clear space for our materials to be placed during the construction phase


How long will I wait for my shed?

Once the order is finalized, our backlog varies from 3 to 4 weeks. Installation for larger and/or permitted sheds may take a bit more time.


Will I need to pour a cement slab or make some other type of foundation?

It depends.  And this too will be covered when we meet.  Our sheds include an optional built-in floor.  This is sufficient for almost all shed uses. However, with the larger sized sheds you may need a concrete foundation in order to obtain a building permit. We can arrange for a concrete foundation if it's required (or desired).


Will my shed need to be anchored?

No. Unlike flimsy metal sheds, ours sheds are wood built and won't get blown around. However, for some larger sheds, your city may require the shed to be anchored to a concrete foundation. If you want your shed anchored, or if your city requires it, we offer several anchoring options.


Why should we choose Sheds and Such?

Because we're dependable, trustworthy, hard-working, local and family-owned. Making your family happy is our business and we take pride in that.



How do Sheds and Such compare to the competition?

  • All of our sheds are custom built.

  • Building sheds is our specialty and our expertise. You will find we're much more knowledgeable when it comes to building sheds than any of the larger warehouse stores.

  • Working with the Sheds and Such is seamless. Going through the larger warehouse stores requires that you work with both a retailer and a subcontractor. With other shed companies you deal with the salesman on down to the installer.  With Sheds and Such, the salesmen IS the installer.

Why are wood built sheds better than metal sheds?

  • Moisture condenses on metal, meaning everything inside will be exposed to moisture & mildew.

  • Their drab (dare we say "ugly") appearance is a major concern for most homeowners.

  • Assembly has been described as a nightmare.

  • The heat produced inside a metal shed can be extreme.


What does it mean that your sheds are "Built-To-Order"?

Each shed is built per the customer's individual requirements. 


How much control do I have over the placement of door, windows, shelving, etc?

You can have doors or windows placed almost anywhere you choose. We can assist you with these decisions when you place your order.


I'm looking for something different. Can you change the "design" of your sheds or have a custom "size" shed made?

Yes, that is our specialty. Our motto is... If you imagine it…We can build it. 


Do you require a deposit when I place my order?

Yes. Your deposit enables us to reserve an installation date and purchase building materials. The final payment is due on the day of completion.

What if I am not happy with my shed?

The process involves careful planning to insure your finished shed is everything you envisioned. We will ask many detailed questions and have the answers to those questions before we start construction on your shed.  However, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with our service, we will come back and redo anything that doesn't meet our agreed upon building specifications, GUARANTEED. Your satisfaction is very important to us.


I have questions not listed here. What should I do?

Visit our contact page and we'll be happy to get in touch with you to address any questions or concerns you have.


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