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Basic Shed Gallery

The Gable Sheds

If budgeting is a concern, then gable sheds are a popular choice. Why? They require less time and wood than their shed counterparts so they're more economical. Plus, the simple pointed roof fits most home designs without looking out of place. Gable sheds are perfect for storing tools, sporting equipment, gardening supplies -- all those little odds and ends you don't want to clutter your garage. It's also possible to make custom sheds from the gable design since adding features like windows, skylights, shelving and visual accents often fit easily into the design. They make a superb choice for backyard offices too.  If you’d like to learn more about the specs of this great shed choice, email us here or give us a call at 734-586-0255.  Proudly serving southeastern Michigan.

The Gambrel Sheds


​​Gambrel sheds, AKA 'barn sheds', provide that traditional farm look while also being big on space. You'll find lots of overhead storage thanks to the shed's two sloping sides. In fact, some gambrel sheds offer nearly 12 foot of headroom, which is about 2 feet more you'll find with most traditional sheds. If you've got a smaller space to build on or you want a smaller shed, this is a great selection. 

To find out the specifics of this style at Sheds and Such be sure to contact us.

The Tackroom Sheds

Nicknamed a salt box or ranch shed, a tackroom shed is rectangular-shaped and looks very similar to a ranch-style home. The reason is the doors are positioned on the long side of the building, rather than the ends like gable sheds and gambrel sheds. When it comes to customizing sheds, tackroom sheds are excellent for including features like windows, flower boxes and porches. They're ideal for people seeking extra space, but they’re also great for crafters and hobbiests.  If you'd like to discuss if a tackroom shed is right for you, contact the experienced builders of Sheds and Such at 734-586-0255.  Centrally located in Monroe County, Michigan.

* Be advised some building codes and/or restrictions might apply in your area, depending on your shed requirements.

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